The Plagues Are Coming

On Monday I was led to read David Hathaway’s book BABYLON IN EUROPE.

An interesting chapter was the one where he looked at the EU as a child of the French Revolution. Here is an excerpt from this chapter:

“The Revolution was based on a radical concept – socialism. A new world order born out of the intellectual philosophy of the ‘Enlightenment’. It rejected God and everything to do with religion and the old structure of society, replacing faith in God with the ‘light’ of human reason. Man in control – atheism. President Chirac proudly described France as the riverbed, the source of atheism – and this is what we have at the heart of the European Union, a core rejection of God which began in France! “

I read this in the morning. Hours later Notre Dame Cathedral was burning. I was reminded of something that has been on my mind a lot lately, which is that in Revelation 18:4 the Lord tells His people to come out of Babylon lest they partake of her plagues.

This is a sobering truth: plagues are coming to Babylon just as they came to ancient Egypt.

Is the fire that engulfed Notre Dame the beginning of these plagues?

Well, it is interesting to note that after the French Revolution Notre Dame Cathedral was turned into a Temple of Reason where humanistic concepts replaced God as the object of faith and devotion.

Notre Dame Cathedral became a symbol of rebellion against Christian faith and perversely a place where the goddess Liberty was revered. Interestingly, this goddess is the one which is symbolised by the Statue of Liberty. Its origins in the God-rejecting French Revolution cannot be denied.

If, as David Hathaway points out, the European Union of today is the child of the French Revolution, then Notre Dame burning is a sign that judgement has begun to fall on this modern day Babel.


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