The ekklesia needs apostolic government. When prophets seek to speak outside of this, they go off into error or fancies. When pastors seek to be the government and not shepherds, they build empires they must maintain.

People seek clarity and direction from pastors and prophets at times of great stress but pastors are only about maintaining business-as-usual as much as is possible and the prophets bring multiple directions, which is confusion.

This is the time for apostolic ministry. Authentic apostolic leaders will arise from this crisis upon the nations. Those in the old wineskin will oppose them, which is why some will be swept aside by the present tribulation. Prophets and pastors must be submitted to the apostolic. Those that don’t will find their ministries and churches will fade and erode. God isn’t playing games anymore.

This is the time of the fear of the Lord. The empires of men are crashing to the ground. This includes churches that are businesses where the Gospel is peddled as merchandise. There is to be no more hustle in the temple of God.

There are apostles speaking quite quietly at this hour. Others are waiting to speak because their voice would be lost in the chatter. The people of God need to still themselves before Him.

Nothing is ever going to be the same again. Once you understand that is the point of this, you won’t want it to be.

One more thing. The shift has already happened. You cannot go back to the old paradigm.

Let he who has an ear, hear.

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