What we are all experiencing right now could have been avoided. Those who know my ministry and can verify will know I have been warning for years about some of the stuff we are facing at the moment. More importantly, those who know their Bible will know that plagues and pestilence are part of what goes on around the moving of God as well as just part of living on a planet with a spiritual renegade running loose.

As Habakkuk chapter 3 tells us, when God comes He comes with pestilence before Him and burning coals of judgement at His feet. Does that mean COVID-19 is God’s judgement? Yes in that we are reaping the consequences of rejecting God and clinging to the Babylonian world order. That doesn’t mean God is cooking up killer viruses in a heavenly laboratory; nor has He sub-contracted satan to do it in subterranean caverns of hell.

I am well aware of all the Qanon stuff online, which is the rehashing of all the satanic global order conspiracy theories over the years. For the record, I think it is much more than theory and scripture would back this up. Read Psalm 2 if you don’t think there is a worldwide antichrist cabal working at high levels.

But that doesn’t mean we are doomed. The response of God is to laugh at this cabal and tell them to hush and get themselves right with His Son.

I like what Don Lynch says about all this:

Explain how the kingdom expands with you preaching the Illuminati is ruling the world and cannot be stopped by those with kingdom keys? Where is the inevitability of evil in the Bible?

Nowhere is the proper answer unless you are sold on the idea that we cannot have kingdom without a physical King.

What more do you want than “I am with you always until the time you engage in discipling cultures reaches its ultimate?” Do you wish to add an addendum that Jesus didn’t mean that at all but “only when I am physically present can you disciple cultures?”

We fight spiritual enemies of God and win. Jesus rules in the midst of His enemies. He will someday quarantine the universe of evil people and their wicked deeds. That has no bearing upon the victory applied today by His representative kingdom Ekklesia.

Is Bill Gates feverishly plotting to chip us all with a hellish vaccine? Is George Soros planning ways to increase our indentured slavery? I have no doubt they or others like them have such grandiose schemes.

But the gates of hell cannot prevail against God’s ekklesia. Neither can COVID-19 or any other virus.

Yes, there are elements of this unprecedented crisis that have taken us by surprise. However, think about what we were praying and preparing for before it overtook us: REVIVAL.

Is it, then, actually a surprise that such a devastating calamity has struck us? The devil knows his time is short.

I need to say this. God isn’t using the devil here to do His work. But He is allowing us to use this situation, including the works of the devil, to destroy the kingdom of darkness and confound the evil one’s plans.

We are God’s ekklesia. This place belongs to us. We will prevail, even if some of us are martyred.

But we won’t do it in the old wineskin. If you are looking forward to getting back to your old life and “back to church” then you have still to learn the lesson.

We are not going back to church as we knew it. We are moving forward in the new apostolic wineskin.

The Illuminati is not the authority on this planet. The ekklesia of God is ordained by Him to enforce His Kingdom purpose in this realm.

In Revelation 18 we read of the voices of two angels speaking from heaven. One angel announces that Babylon has fallen. The other says we must get out of Babylon because plagues will befall her.

Those are the voices we must heed at this time, not those who tell us satan is going to win.

Babylon cannot win because God has pronounced its doom. What God has said trumps everything. If this coronavirus IS  a Babylonian plot, the ekklesia of God can destroy it utterly.

Jesus is the Victor. We are in Him and He is in us.

Live like it’s true.


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