I have been preaching on Psalm 2 for years.

Essentially, the Psalm speaks of an anti-YHWH and antichrist conspiracy which is being concocted by the rulers of nations.

There is an argument that this is the default setting for government leaders but you can certainly make a case for Psalm 2 being pertinent to the current worldwide COVID-19 crisis, with the planet on virtual lockdown and liberties suspended. It’s no accident that the Church has been effected by this draconian approach; nor is the recent arrest of Rodney Howard Browne for defying disassembly protocols coincidental.

Something stinks about what is happening right now and Psalm 2 offers both an understanding of the problem and a solution that could save us all.

You never need to wonder what the agenda is when leaders of nations have summit meetings – it is anti God’s purpose and anti-Christ. He who sits in the heavens laughs at them, we are told (verse 4). The reason is that God has already appointed His Son as their Boss! According to Revelation 1:5, Jesus is the Ruler of the kings of the earth.

Now here’s the thing: you might not have Donald Trump’s private email or Boris Johnson’s mobile number. But you have direct access to their Boss. You can speak directly to Him.

God has deemed it proper in His economy to bestow upon His saints the authority to reign on earth through prayer and proclamation of His stated will in His Word.

This is what earthly rulers hate and rebel against.

In a nutshell, rulers and nations must obey God’s ekklesia. And they hate it.

Whatever dystopian nightmare Babylonian world order governments and leaders have cooked up right now, God’s people can overturn in prayer.

So get praying, folks.

Pray Psalm 2 and other passages that speak of these things. Pray that the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Pray that God’s Kingdom come and HIS will be done.

Yes, the conspiracy is real. The Word tells us so. However, its triumph is not inevitable.

If you start to exercise your authority in Christ, that is.

One piece of advice. Read Psalm 2 in The Passion Translation. It’s a great paraphrase that really brings out the meaning and potency of this passage.



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