I believe that life is precious and that we should do what we can to keep ourselves and others safe. But we can get too precious about our lives and too fixated on safety.

Our forefathers in the faith could be reckless with their own lives because personal safety, comfort and the cares of this world were not their priority. For them, God’s Kingdom and the cause of Christ was the principal directive. Gathering to meet was worth being imprisoned for or even executed.

I was reminded this morning of that phrase in Revelations 12 – “they loved not their lives unto death.” We need a bit more of that spirit at this time. That is the spirit of the overcomer.

I learned this many years ago during an amazing supernatural encounter that I might share sometime but suffice to say, if you can deem your own mortality far less valuable than the advancement of God’s Kingdom and be prepared to lose your life for that purpose, you might just find a whole new realm of glory living.

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