The Greek word apokalupsis, from which we get our English word “apocalypse” and which is translated as revelation in our Bibles, does not mean what many think it means.

We use the term apocalyptic to define something of worldwide destruction or something that tells us we are in the very end of the end times but the word itself has no such meaning in the original. In fact, it could be argued that the acquired meaning that we have given it actually  obscures the true meaning that God wants us to see.

Apokalupsis means an unveiling, an uncovering, a revealing of something. Note that in Revelation 1:1 we are told that the book is a revealing of Jesus Christ. If all you are reading from Revelation is the new world order, black helicopters, antichrist and the RFID chip, you are reading it wrong. You are supposed to see Jesus in this book.

Of course, there are bowls, trumpets, stars, locusts, a bottomless pit, a lake of fire and a dragon etc. However, these things are incidental to the story; they are not the point of the story. The eternal triumph of King Jesus is the story.

And yes, the Book of Revelation is choc full of symbols, hidden meanings and clues. It is still a revelation of mystery, not a sealing off of mystery. The secrets of the book are hidden for us, not from us.

To see Jesus in the book requires spiritual eyes of understanding, not mere intellectual computation.

This is important to know at this time because there is a lot of information flying around regarding the agenda of world leaders and much of that is filtered through interpretations of “apocalyptic” literature (using that word in its popular sense rather than its original sense).

We are being told, for example, that Bill Gates is working with Luciferian leaders – hidden and known – to infect humanity with a virus that will require a vaccination incorporating a digital signature. This signature will act as an identity marker, without which you will not be able to buy and sell in the cashless economic system.

Scary stuff, for sure. This sounds like the mark of the beast in Revelation chapter 13. Some prophetic interpretations of Revelation would void this assertion and some scholars would point out that the Greek word for “mark” is not an insertion but an engraving or tattoo on the skin.

But that is us going down the rabbit hole of endless fear-based interpretations and extrapolations, something I am trying to cut through.

The point of this message is that we are besieged with conspiracy theories at times like these because our governments function in high levels of secrecy. Much is kept from us by those who rule over us. We are, of course, informed this is for our good but it is evident that secrecy and withheld information is used as a means of control and manipulation rather than safety and security.

This is where the Book of Revelation comes in. Apokalupsis is the very opposite of secrecy. It is God revealing what we need to know. It is complete disclosure. The Apostle John is taken into the spirit realm to see what goes on behind the scenes.

To understand the world we live in, we don’t need CNN, Sky News or the BBC to interpret what is going on. We don’t need political commentators or economic analysts.

We can see beyond all these things by reading God’s Word and when we do so with the eyes of the inner man, we see the greatest truth of all and the most comforting reality there is:

That, regardless of what satanically-driven world leaders conspire to bring about, Jesus has triumphed over death  hell and the grave. He – and we with Him – are far above all principality and power.

Jesus is Lord. And that will never change.

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