I am all about preaching and teaching the untramelled reign of King Jesus.

By that, I mean His reigning now and not just after His coming again.

If He is going to reign now, He must do it through His ecclesia, His called-out (or, as Don Lynch would say, His called-in) assembly.

This has been the central theme of my teaching for many years, that Jesus is Lord and that He reigns through His ecclesia, which is led by the foundational functions of apostles and prophets.

Church is not a place to go where you can have a holy huddle, sing some hymns and get some comfort for your anxieties; it is where you go to crush the gates of hell and pray through the will of God and His Kingdom by taking dominion over clueless governmental leaders.

The great revelation I believe the Lord wants us to have is that those who have the rule over us are inept, incompetent and not fit for purpose in their roles. And that it is our job to do something about it.

Now I am not advocating that governments hand over governance of nations to the church. Nor am I suggesting that we form militia groups to grab power. We reign in the prayer closet, not the House of Commons or the Oval Office.

Vitally, we conquer through influence. We are called to disciple nations, not subdue them by military might.

Mary Queen of Scots famously said that she feared the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe. This is what I’m talking about.

The job of the ekklesia is to keep national leaders in the fear of God.

There is some evidence that this Coronavirus is a manufactured thing. Some are speculating it is a bioweapon. Whether these things are true or not, it is evident that our governments are woefully unable to cope. If the virus is a created disease, this is an abomination that no government should sanction. If not, it is still a lamentable situation that governments have no ability to deal with the outbreak.

There are two things we must face in relation to this. One is that by and large, governments and national rulers don’t really listen to the ekklesia in times of crisis or otherwise. The second is even more sobering – the ekklesia is not ready to offer counsel on many matters, including the Covid-19 outbreak.

We must be cognisant of the truth that Moses and the Levitical priesthood could teach the nation of Israel how to walk free of plague and disease. Under an inferior Covenant. When plagues did break out – because obedience was a condition of being sickness-free – they knew how to cut if off.

I have long been aware that God wants us to mature as a body to the place we can teach healing to the nations to the extent people see YHWH as the principle Healer. This will ease pressure on health service providers and even close many clinics and hospitals.

However, we are not there yet.

This Covid-19 crisis has taught us that. We are not seen as providing answers or leadership because, although we know the God who heals, we are not walking in His power sufficiently to demonstrate it.

God needs a people who cannot just keep the disease off themselves but who can keep it off nations and people groups.

That is our challenge in this shut-in season: to emerge from it as an ekklesia fit for purpose – a people that know their God and can do exploits.

Sadly, too many Christians cower in their homes, happy to comply with antichrist government protocols of lockdown, while at the same time expecting supermarket workers to assemble (at risk of their lives) so they can get supplies.

There is an argument that we have let down this generation. We were simply unprepared to deal with this virus. We have had 2,000 years to get our act together with stuff like this. It is our job to deal with it. We are in training for such situations.

We have abrogated our responsibility and walked away from leadership when it comes to national and societal matters. We have chosen a Gnostic approach, separating ourselves to be a “spiritual” people, apart from “worldly” matters, leaving such to worldlings. Our attempts at societal involvement have largely been food aid, social justice causes and filling shoeboxes with Poundland trinkets for faceless deprived children somewhere afar off.

This crisis has highlighted our impotence yet at the same time provided us an opportunity to get before God and allow His Presence to transform us into the people we are called to be.

For years we have been too busy to spend serious time with the Lord in prayer and meditating the Word.

Right now we have all the time in the world.

Use it wisely.

The ekklesia of God must come forth in the earth. The manifest sons of God must be revealed. Peace must be enforced on a planet in turmoil. The kings and priests of God must show leadership to governments in crisis.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it, child of God.

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