The central truth of history is a Man sits on a Throne as Lord.

Rulers must embrace this Man or suffer God’s anger and displeasure. Nations must align with this Man or against Him.

People would rather deal with this Man as a future coming King or with Him in His first advent when He walked among us. But that is not a faith approach. The faith approach is not to put off His Kingdom to an unknown future nor deal with a Jesus who vacated His Throne for a brief few years in His incarnation.

Because, you see, it is the Man on the Throne with whom we must deal. The faith required to deal with this Man is the faith to declare He is Lord. That means Lord right NOW.

You cannot put it off to the future nor relegate it to the past. Neither of these is faith. Jesus is Lord must be your central truth NOW. We are not dealing with a future Jesus or a historical Jesus. We are dealing with the Lord of heaven and earth as He is! Not the Man who walked the shores of Galilee or as the triumphant King at the end of time but as the present day Lord of glory.

Jesus is Lord right now and forever. If we want to see His Kingdom and Lordship manifested, we must proclaim the truth of who He is. Too many fixate on who Jesus was in His time on earth 2,000 years ago or who He will be when He returns.

This means they don’t have to deal with who He is right now.

Dealing with who He is right now is stripping yourself of delusion and facing reality.  He is Lord and in control. And He is eaiting for we who know Him to make His enemies His footstool.

During this lockdown we must proclaim the Man on the Throne is Lord and King over all.

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