Being joint heirs and sons does not mean we are no longer stewards – in fact, our stewardship responsibilities are far greater because we are sons and heirs.

We have inherited ALL of the Kingdom legally but this is given to us gradually as we demonstrate competence and maturity. We are given increasing responsibility as faithful stewards.

We are no longer servants because we are now sons and part of the family, yes. But the family has a culture of mutual serving – we serve one another and we serve our Father and Elder Brother as sons and joint heirs. Indeed, our Elder Brother modelled serving and laid down the principle that to be great in the family means to be a servant.

In our crying out for revival there is an immaturity at times. We see the price of revival as repentance, like a child saying sorry for misdemeanours and promising to be good in the future. So we beg and beg and “go deeper in our repentance before the Lord.”

That is not how it works. Yes, we have seen such praying be the apparent catalyst of previous moves and outpourings. We are told that God will send revival when we are desperate enough. But there are two things to bear in mind.

Firstly, desperate people have been fasting and praying desperately for years now. You might be one of them. If the answer is to increase our desperation, then revival becomes a matter of striving and not of grace. We are not in the Old Covenant of works-based striving but the New Covenant of grace.

Secondly, this coming revival will be different in that it will be unfathomably greater than anything ever seen on earth and will not diminish but increase in strength.

So how will we get this wonderful Awakening?

Not by being swept up in the vortex of fasting more, praying more, begging more and repenting more.

All of these things are valid but they must no longer be implemented with an immature concept that if we just do more, we can twist God’s arm. That implies we want the Awakening more than He does.

I hear the Lord say it this way: Position yourself for revival. Grow up and be mature sons and daughters. Straighten out the kinks and wrinkles and goofiness. Stop being flaky and easily blown about.

Past revivals fizzled out because of carnality and religiosity – both of which stem from immaturity.

God wants the church to be the ekklesia, which means He wants us to grow up.

Positioning ourselves for revival means being mature enough to inherit more. It already belongs to us so we don’t have to beg for it.

We do have to demonstrate our capacity and competence as mature sons to be entrusted with it.

Fathers always look for increasing maturity in their children. Our Heavenly Father is no different.

Position yourself for revival today!

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