AddText_08-10-10.40.01I want to share with you perhaps one of the greatest revival keys I have had revealed to me and it will shock you. It is this:

Take to your bed!

Psalm 149 must be read in conjunction with Psalm 2, which tells us that the kings and rulers of the earth seek to break bands and cast away cords or restraints.

What are these restraints? We see in Psalm 149 above that they are the chains and fetters imposed by God’s people upon governmental rulers. In short, this is the demand of the godly in Christian nations for rulers and governments to pass God-honouring laws that are biblically based.

The summits of heads of state have a clear anti-God and antichrist agenda (see Psalm 2:1,2). The conspiracy is real; the Bible confirms it. We see this conspiracy in the lockstep manner in which governments have dealt with the Covid “crisis” which some are saying is more of a PLANdemic than a pandemic.

Psalms 2 and 149 show us that the neutralising of the authority of God’s people is the strategic intent of the so-called safety protocols we are being hit with.

Psalm 149 begins with an explicit command to praise YHWH and sing to Him in the congregation of the saints. This command is countermanded by governments’ prohibition on singing in church, further exacerbated in England and Scotland by the recent demand for worshippers to wear face coverings in church.

The potency of singing in a full-throated manner – i.e. the “high praises of God” in our mouths – is revealed in verse 6 of Psalm 149. Such singing, along with the wielding of the two-edged sword of the Bible, is to bring God’s justice and order upon the nations and to bind kings and rulers with His Word.

No wonder governments want the voice of Christian people to be silenced!

The present enforcing of Covid protocols is the manner in which these governments are attempting to suppress God’s ekklesia. This actually makes sense as it confirms what many prophetic voices are saying – that the Great Awakening, God’s endtime outpouring of Holy Ghost and fire – is imminent.

So what is our response to this Babylonian power-grab?

Having solemn assemblies and fasts will work, for sure. But, as I have previously stated, we must guard  against a mindset that sees us spiral  downwards into never-ending introspection and “begging for God to move” rather than faith-filled expectation. We must believe in the goodness of God rather than see Him as a harsh, unyielding and distant Lord who would rather send judgement than Awakening.

Verse 5 is the key to turning this present dark situation we are facing around.

I have never really understood verse 5, if I am being honest. I would explain it as being that the saints being on their beds indicated us being in the rest of faith. There is a truth to that but it is not the whole explanation.

I now have further revelation on this verse.

What I believe God is saying here is that nations are not governed in the halls of power alone. Here in Britain we are not ruled by the Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street. We are ruled by remnant saints praying in their prayer closets.

A great example is the ministry of Rees Howells who, with a small band of intercessors, prayed the Allied nations through to victory in World War 2. Interestingly, Rees Howells was given prophetic visions as blueprints to pray through.

You can lead the nations lying on your own bed!

You don’t need to storm the halls of power or petition your MP. You don’t need Boris Johnson’s private email. You have access to his Boss! Jesus is the Ruler of the kings of the earth (Revelation 1:5) and you have unfettered access to the Throne that He sits upon. Moreover, you are seated with Him in the heavenlies.

We need to pray from heaven to earth, decreeing God’s will to and upon earth’s rulers. Praying from earth to heaven is old wineskin thinking. As kings and priests we speak the purpose of God into the earth. This honour have all His saints, not just celebrity preachers or fivefold ministers.

You can do all this from the comfort of your own home. Meetings are good and the ekklesia is commanded to assemble but what the Lord is saying is that this ministry is to be part of our everyday lives, not an emergency responses to crises like Covid-19.

The simple praying of Thy Kingdom, come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven is sufficient when it is done with resolve and fixed intent to turn nations around.

Consider that this prayer binds out of earth everything that is already prohibited in heaven and this takes out wicked governments and sinister national leaders since such do not exist in heaven! This prayer also releases glory, life and peace into your nation.

Revival comes when we pray for people and nations by praying regarding  those who govern them (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

The golden key of revival that God is placing in your hand today is the wonderful truth that you can be a vessel for Great Awakening by making your own house a house of prayer.

You don’t even need to get out of bed!

They might try to stop us singing in the church building but we can still take the nations for Jesus by singing aloud upon our beds.






















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