It is our job as God’s ekklesia to make decrees upon the earth. Those decrees can be specific; we have the authority to do this.

However, it is best to make decrees based upon general principles. It is right to decree righteousness and that our national leaders be godly. We should do this as a matter of course.

Yet we must mature to the point where we recognise that sometimes heaven has a higher purpose and a deeper lesson to teach us. The ways and strategies of heaven are beyond the ken of finite human understanding. These ways and strategies are not hidden from us but for us. 

As the ekklesia, it is vital that we hear from heaven. We must tap into the higher dimension of glory. What often seems a good idea really IS a good idea – but it isn’t a God idea. Good ideas on earth are poor substitutes for God’s will from heaven.

If we as the ekklesia push our good idea over hearing from heaven, God in His grace will do all He can to bless it. But here’s the thing – settling for and choosing second best is the price we pay for not fellowshipping with Him in heavenly realms to get His perfect will.

We have way more clout and authority than we know. The Lord will push things – including people – around like figures on a chess board at our bidding because He has given us the responsibility of co-regency with Him. But He longs for us to seek intimacy over authority, in order that He may share His infinitely superior wisdom with us.

God is a trillion moves ahead of satan and we can be too if we will just be seated in heavenly realms listening to Him rather than trying to figure out things on the earth and throwing our weight around.

Sometimes God lets men and nations reap what they have sown. We don’t like that. That can mean that nations vote for leaders we intensely dislike or pursue a course of action that pains us. It’s right that we feel the way we do, especially when these things go against what we have been decreeing for the nation.

We must remind ourselves that declaring Christ’s Lordship over the nations means we release His judgement over those nations and, as John Calvin and others have pointed out, this judgement can mean He gives us wicked and incompetent leaders. Especially when we choose them ourselves at the ballot box. In essence, we bring judgement upon ourselves by our poor choices.

Our national woes are mostly self-inflicted because of greed, selfishness, pride, lust etc. We suffer as a consequence and this will hopefully lead to godly sorrow and repentance. A mature and discerning remnant of God’s people in the nation will recognise and cooperate with this process.

Which brings us to Trump.

At the time I write this, Donald Trump is in the White House but has lost the Presidential election to Joe Biden. According to Trump’s supporters and the man himself, he is the victim of electoral fraud and illicit vote dumps favouring his rival. The Presidency,  he claims, has been stolen from him.

I have cause and inclination to believe President Trump. By any standard of equity, justice and decency, his attempt to seek legal redress on the matter should bring him vindication and victory. I would celebrate such a triumph.

But the question that needs to be asked is this: Is a second term for Donald Trump heaven’s best? Is it God’s will or man’s i.e. the church’s? Is it the perfect will of God or something He will allow if the church pushes hard enough?

Is there a longer strategic purpose in allowing a Biden presidency? I can hear the howls of protest and accusations of my sowing seeds of doubt and compromise here but let me assure you – I am a Trump supporter and I detest the antichrist spirit and policies of the Democratic Party.

I contend that God knows what He is doing and has unfathomable strategic foreknowledge in all these matters. I also believe He is happy to reveal the depths of this to us if we will position ourselves to hear it.

There are things that must happen on the earth among the nations. Some of these things will be delayed under a Trump 2nd term presidency. 

If you are a Trump supporter and this angers you, consider this: What if God can do far more in and through Donald Trump in terms of leading this nation from outside the White House? As the Lord put it to me, there are higher callings than that of President.

In terms of Trump himself, what if being President for another four years is not God’s best for him? 

Christians who support Trump want what they want. But have they heard from heaven or just their own soulish desires? Donald Trump as President for the next four years is a great idea to me. But is it God’s perfect will?

The question must be asked: is the hope and faith of many in Yahweh or in Donald Trump?

Perhaps we are asking too much of a mortal man to carry our aspirations. Maybe losing this election – yes, even by theft and skullduggery – is ultimately a kindness and mercy to Mr Trump. As well as a release to higher office and greater achievements…

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