I had a dream and in the dream I was on the platform in a church. I seemed to be sitting at a keyboard which was weird as I don’t play.

There was another piano and there was a man at it who seemed to be the pastor of the church. The people were in the Spirit and someone had just given a prophetic word when this man came up on the platform. The pastor asked him if he had a word. The man was facing the congregation when he swivelled and said “Yes but it’s for this brother here” as he walked towards me.

He was dressed in a quite old-fashioned suit which I would call a Pentecostal suit – blue cloth with stripes. He had that look and feel of an old timey Pentecostal.

He started prophesying over me but I couldn’t make out the words as the sound faded out and I woke up.

I was a bit perturbed that I didn’t get to hear the prophetic word until the Lord began to show me the meaning of the dream.

The interpretation was given me quite bluntly when the Lord told me the previous age of church is over; we are now in the ekklesia age. The meeting in the dream and the man who prophesied represented the old wineskin. That is why I didn’t get to hear his words – I wasn’t meant to.

The brutal truth – and truth can often be brutal – is that the message of the old wineskin is not always relevant for today, particularly when it is of a prophetic nature. We are living in the age when prophecies of yesteryear are what we are living in.

Yesterday’s wineskin will not hold the thing God is pouring out today. The Sardis Age is over and we must transition to Philadelphia. Those who know me know that this is a message and theme I focus on quite a bit.

More and more we are going to see that the church wineskin will be irrelevant and embarrassingly so for those who cling to it. We must be in the new paradigm of ekklesia to overcome the darkness that assails us at this time. What must be emphasised about my dream is that these folks that were in it were sincere, good Christians. 

The harsh reality is that this is not enough anymore. God is not a sentimental God. He is a Spirit and must be worshipped in spirit and in truth.

Only being in the will of God can suffice for those who follow Him. Anything else is falling short and failure. It is also very dangerous.

He that loveth his brother hath passed from Sardis, the dead church, to Philadelphia.



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