The iron fist of tyranny is coming down upon this nation and only the prayers and decrees of God’s Remnant people can prevent it.

As we celebrate leaving EU Babylon here in Britain, it is vital that we realise the importance of getting Babylon out of Britain.

A massive part of Brexit is the ability to have our own sovereignty as a nation. Of course, as Christians we do not see this about self-determination for Britain but about the freedom for us to pursue the purpose of God.

The present situation of the plandemic, however, shows us two things: Firstly, being free from the EU is no guarantee that we will not end up being under the hegemony of a totalitarian state. We are perfectly capable of having tyranny in these islands without the involvement or intervention of foreign powers.

Secondly, in focusing on the EU as a power bloc, we failed to see the larger, amorphous spectre of globalism in our midst. The propensity toward unrighteous i.e. anti-God confederacies and leagues is unfortunately in the very DNA of Babylonian orders. In short, nations and their leaders tend to clump together for sinister and tyrannical ends.

Sadly, many people in the UK buy into this idea that such confederations are both necessary and desirable. Indeed, the concept itself is arguably a noble aspiration; Oliver Cromwell had a vision of a united Europe forged of pro-covenant, Protestant nations. However, peoples and nations coming together without God has been a bad idea since back in Genesis chapter 11.

The concerted response of nations across the globe to the Covid-19 crisis demonstrates that the Babylonian unity long-sought by the elites is already well-advanced in development, pushing us all towards a one world order that, far from liberating humanity, will enslave and oppress most of us.

My belief as a man of God is that Britain can escape this. We can be a free space in an oppressed world. We can arise, shine and be a beacon of light in the darkness of the nations. We are purposed of God to be a haven nation, the Zion of God in the earth.

But it will not happen until God’s Remnant people start to get serious with God and turn Great Britain around by fervent prayer.

This necessitates that we pray very seriously for the complete uprooting and removal from office of globalist politicians and rulers.

This includes people like Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Nicola Sturgeon. Pray that they be removed from office and their titles stripped from them. This is biblical.

Read Isaiah chapter 22 to see the story of Shebna being replaced as the king’s chamberlain by God’s choice, Eliakim. Interestingly, this story is part of an awesome prophetic word by Yvonne Coombs concerning Britain’s prophetic destiny which I blogged previously.

Now is not the time for mamby-pamby or being “nice” Christians. Now is the time for warriors with faces like lions to arise. Now is the time for Remnant believers to take their position. Now is the time to move from sword to sceptre and rule from the heavenlies.

Now is the time to kick the darkness out.

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