I want to ask a simple question: Who is the leader of America i.e. who is America’s ruler?

Now I am not asking who the President is here. We’ll get to that.

The answer, of course, is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lordship of Christ over the nations is an eternal truth and reality.

So, why, then, are the nations in such a mess? This was what the psalmist asked in Psalm 2 and the answer was that national rulers were engaged in a conspiracy to throw off the rule of Yahweh God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

The mess is actually proof that Jesus IS Lord and the Bible is accurate.

So where does the President of the USA fit in? The answer is that the person rightly elected under the electoral college system is the President.

Here is where we have the dilemma concerning the recent Presidential election. If, as many attest, Donald Trump actually won the election and it was stolen from him, then we have a fraud and imposter in the White House. 

However, even if Joe Biden did lawfully win the election, that is not necessarily the end for Donald J. Trump.

The reason why is very simple:

Who says you have to be President to lead the nation?

The office of President is an office of state. It is a prestigious office and a role of great importance but there are, I would say very clearly, higher offices in the land.

You could easily posit that the function of the fivefold ministries in Ephesians chapter 4 represent higher callings. These are gifts given by heaven to mankind. Also, those who are called to intercede in prayer over the nations have a vital role to play. Considering that these sacred callings last normally for decades and Presidents have a two-term limit, it is easy to argue there are higher offices than President in the nation.

The business of heaven is far more important than that of this world. Who would argue that the ministry of Billy Graham was lesser than that of any President?

The point is this: You don’t have to be elected to lead a nation.

Remember Princess Diana, whose popularity as “Queen of Hearts” was arguably greater than that of the British royal family.

The whole point of populism is to be the alternative system. If Donald Trump has really been robbed of the office of President, he can seek legal recourse or he can bypass the corrupt system and be the leader for 70 million plus Americans.

He can be the populist leader every career politician and statist fears. He can be the sounding trump that refuses to sound retreat or acknowledge defeat.

Of course, he can not bother to do this and just leave it. He has been vilified and attacked enough. He is entitled to walk away from the battle. That is his decision to make.

The fact remains is that when we are faced with corruption and wickedness in our governments – i.e. what has come to be known as the Deep State – we must bypass the system and find ways to dismantle it.

Those ways include prayer and preaching, of course. More than ever God’s ekklesia must be the governmental assembly that calls forth His Kingdom to manifestation in the earth.

Let us not forget that one vital way this manifestation will take place is that God will raise up leaders who will challenge and confront the wickedness of antichrist governments and rulers.

People elect politicians but God elects the true leaders of nations.

In light of this, maybe Donald J. Trump’s days of leading America are only just beginning.



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