That which is happening in your nation right now has long been foretold for as my prophets have said, there must be that raising of the plumbline to separate those who will serve the Throne of David in your midst from those whose fealty is to the system of the beast.

This is upon you at this time for those who oppose you have that ancient hatred and strike at such a time when, as My Word declares, the hedges are broken, the strong holds are in ruin and those who pass by deride and scorn.

Yet I will open up a fountain of cleansing in the House of David and cleanse the nation of its idols. Such will be the fulfilment of that which the prophets have foretold and you will walk in the glory you have yearned for. You will no longer say “There is coming a day of glory” for glory shall be your portion all the day long.

My purpose is upon this nation for your forefathers of old made league with Me and their blood cries out to Me. Just as their blood soaked this land, so will I deluge it in waves of glory. You have not seen the day coming when I will do this, saith the Lord for I will do wonders among you never seen before in the history of your nation. Yea, indeed, wonders that will startle and shake the nations and the fear and dread of you will come upon them.

Be strong, those of feeble heart and put your trust in Me at this time. I will restore your captivity and overthrow those who would hold you in bondage. You will look for your oppressors and not find them. I am raising up saviours from Mount Zion who know My will and who will bring My deliverance to My beloved nation saith the Lord of heaven’s armies.


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