A prophetic word:

A new day is coming,  a kainos day. A day when the doom of Edom will be known by all who bear My Name, when the fall of Babylon will be manifest. This is the day when My standard will be raised up high over all the peoples. This is the day longed-for by prophets of old, the time that those who died for their testimony saw afar off. This is the time for the sons of God to answer creation’s cry of yearning and burst forth in splendour. This is the day to arise and be the light you ache for. This is the day when the seed of Yahweh Sabaoth shall sprout forth and be My right hand people. This is the day of the Benjamin Company. In the kainos day there will be no more delay, no more waiting. The reaper will meet the sower, the daughter will give birth to the mother.

This is the day of beholding, the time when all will be seen. This is the time of Yahweh-Yireh for in the Mount of Yahweh it shall be seen. That which the Father has seen since before the foundation of the world shall be the thing you walk in. This is the time of the Perfect Man in the earth. This is the KAINOS man. Look and see, for as you gaze upon the face of the Beloved Son, you will see the great mystery for you will see yourself reflected in that face. This is MY time for it is YOUR time saith Yahweh of heaven’s armies.

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