The Spirit broods over the Island of the Mighty
As ancient evils scourge the land
Darkness envelops the people
As they cower in fear behind their masks
Who will weep for those who choose oppression over liberty?
Who will legislate from heavenly realms and decree the loosing of My people?
Yea, men have chosen darkness rather than light for perversion is among them
A deception, a deception is upon you!
For merchants have bought your souls for baubles
A promise of safety for a people couched in comfort
A generation lost in soulish netherlands
Adrift in seas of oblivion
A people fed with vanity
Bound by Mammon’s lust and drunk with Babylon’s wine
Cut off the heads, cut off the heads!
Slay the sea serpent
Raise up the Remnant
Send forth the lightnings
May the mantles of the ancient ones be worn again
Let the ends of the earth hear Thy salvation
And the veil be removed from Thy mountain
Let Zion shine forth again in the heart of Mighty Albion,
Yahweh our God and King


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