I am bringing back to My people a consciousness of the Blood.

Just as saints of old dwelt in a place where the Blood was pricelessly precious, so will this be in this day, yet even more. For you will know the power of the redeeming Blood of My Son and you will know the access to heavenly realms of glory this Blood affords.

You will see miracles by the Blood and know the authority granted you by being those who drink the cup of the New Covenant.

These are the days of overcoming and you will throw down the darkness that assails you by that Blood for it is given you for victory and to demonstrate to all created realms that of all things and creatures you are My precious possession.

The ultimate price was paid that You may be Mine.

Be a people saturated in consciousness of precious Blood and you will walk and dwell in realms of My glory that cannot be imagined by finite minds of men, saith He that inhabits eternity.

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