Over forty years ago, as a teenager, I had visions of the time we are in right now.

I saw myself as part of a body of people opposing what antichrist governments were doing in the nations. This body was substantial in size but was still very discernibly a remnant group in society.

There was an urgency about this group, yet also a very clear sense of victory. The group were true patriots in that they were utterly committed to God’s purpose for the nation. This transcends politics or jingoism.

These visions are burned in my mind. I have always known this time would come.

It’s interesting that people in the truth movement here in the UK are starting to self-identify as patriots and rightly labelling our governments as traitors.

From a Christian standpoint, of course, true patriotism is seeking the purpose of God for your nation. Spiritually speaking, pursuing any course outside of God’s will and purpose is treason.

It is abundantly evident that, historically, wicked rulers and governmental powers are the great enemy of the church on earth. Our conflict is with principalities and powers, earthly and in the air. What we are seeing in the nations right now is a fierce onslaught from these powers. Corrupted men and women – elected on false premises and promises – are carrying out an agenda dictated to them by a hidden hand collective of bankers, merchants and other malevolent people whose satanic purpose is the death and/or enslavement of billions.

My own calling is to Britain and my home country of Scotland so my mission is to free the British Isles from the tyranny of Babylonian powers which presently infest our parliaments and media organisations.

The visions I had 40 years ago were about that. I have also received prophetic visions and utterances concerning this calling, including one from 100 years ago that was entrusted for decades to a dear woman of God till she met me some years ago.

This prophetic message was given by a brother of the late John McPhee, that Pentecostal pioneer of the 20th century who prophesied that people would be forced to choose between the beast system of worldly government or the Throne of David in the earth. That stark choice is thrust upon us in this hour. Sadly, as I have myself prophesied many times, many “Christians” are choosing Babylon and not God’s Kingdom

As God’s Remnant we must resist the beast system that attacks our covenanted nation. As well as believing for a great harvest of souls we must also exercise faith for righteous government, godly order in the land and a mighty cleansing of our royal house.

True patriots are intercessors; everyone else is a spectator.

Your intercession is needed, child of God. The urgency of the hour demands that you begin right away. Do not be a mere follower or commentator of what is being reported by the media. Be one whose voice is heard speaking forth the mind and heart of Yahweh in the Throne Room.

The time is coming when only those who live beyond the veil will be counted among the Zion of God in the earth.

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