I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

It is inescapable that we live in a time when the technology to prevent certain groups of people from participating in the economy is available to governments, banks and businesses.

Preventing buying and selling without the name, number or mark of the beast is the infamous indicator from Revelation chapter 13 that the antichrist system is present among us. Thanks to technological advances and the convenience of the Covid “pandemic” we are in a time on earth right now that vaccine passports could be used to preclude those who refuse a vaccine from patronising shops, theatres, sports stadia and shops.

This might extend to churches, which would give Christian leaders a brutal choice between bowing to the dictates of Babylonian governments and imposing medical apartheid upon the people of God, or defying these wicked governments and having underground ekklesias as the Body of Christ has so often had to do throughout history.

The stark reality is that this present crisis has brought proponents of all eschatologies to a stunning realisation that the beast system of Revelation is a viable paradigm we find ourselves in, whether we are teetering on the edge of the futurist’s Great Tribulation or have centuries to navigate prior to the end times. The truth is, nobody knows if this is the last of the last days but it sure looks like it.

The last sentence of the above paragraph will be disputed because eschatology is the one area of Scripture that produces rock-solid dogma in people, no matter what school they adhere to. But the truth is, for all our certainties, we don’t know. Is the present attempt of shadowy globalist powers to impose a tyrannical rule upon us using bogus emergencies like viruses and “climate change” something the Church can defeat and usher in sustained worldwide revival or are we hurtling toward the unavoidable and very imminent end?

The fact that it is now technically possible to impose the restrictions on buying and selling in a comprehensive way utilising technology means that the imminent end may very well be upon us. Whether the globalist clampdown is just another hurdle in history to overcome or is the introduction of the end-time beast kingdom, the truth is we have a rapidly-closing window of opportunity to either overcome it or prepare for serious tribulation.

I can say with some certainty as a Christian leader dealing with other leaders and Christians, the Church is slumbering in the face of great peril. Some who should know better don’t even know that there is a window and would argue that there is no peril at all.

These days I concentrate a lot of my time and energy on the Remnant. Sadly, there are far too many Christians who are living with their head in the sand. Remnant saints are aware and have their face to the battle. That’s why they are the Remnant.

Ministries I respect and listen to are saying we don’t have much time left to do the work of the Gospel. I was shocked to hear one man who I have great respect for say it is months, maybe even weeks.

We must work the works of Him who sent us while it is day.

The night is coming when no-one can work.


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